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Are you tired of waiting in long queues at the airport? Imagine a trouble-free check-in process that saves your time and stress. Here, we will tell you the secret for smoother travel with Emirates online check in – procedures, rules, other Emirates check in options, etc. Know how this convenient feature can revolutionize your journey, transforming the way you fly. 

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How Does Emirates Airways Online Check-In Work? 

Check in online for Emirates is your shortcut to skipping those airport queues. Instead of waiting in lines, you can check in hassle-free right from the Emirates website before you step into the airport.

Step-by-Step Guide For Emirate Online Check-In

  • Go to the official Emirates website. 
  • Look for the option ‘Manage’ and click on ‘Check in online’. 
  • Enter your details – Your last name and the Booking Reference, and then click on “Retrieve Booking”.
Emirate online check in policy
  • Once you’re in, you’ll see a list of your flights. Pick the one you want to check in for and click on “Check in.”
  • Next, you’ll need to fill in some passenger details and provide your travel documents and government ID proofs.
  • You can choose things like your meals, baggage tags, and where you’d like to sit on the plane.
  • After you’ve done all that, click on the “Submit” button. The airline will process your request and give you your Emirates Airlines boarding pass.
  • You can either download your online boarding Emirates pass and use it on your phone or you can also print it out. 

How To Do Online Check In Emirates Through App? 

  • Download the Emirates app on your phone or tablet from your app store.
  • Sign in to your Emirates account or enter your confirmation code, ticket number, and last name.
  • Choose the flight you want to check in for and review your booking details.
  • Click on the “Check In” button and enter passenger information.
  • Select any additional services like meals and seating preferences.
  • Review all details and click “Submit” to finish check-in.
  • Emirates will process your request, and you can access your boarding pass digitally or print it out at the airport.

What Is The Emirates Check In Time Online? 

  1. You can initiate Emirates online check-in up to 48 hours before your scheduled flight departure time. This allows you to complete the check-in process conveniently from your computer or mobile device, saving you time at the airport.
  2. When arriving at the airport for your Emirates flight, it’s recommended to be there approximately 60 to 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time. This provides ample time for security checks, baggage drop-off, and any other pre-flight procedures, ensuring a smooth travel experience.

How To Use Emirates Airlines Online Web Check In If You Have Bags? 

If you have bags to check when using Emirates online check-in, you can still complete the process easily. After checking in online, you’ll receive your boarding pass electronically. Then, when you arrive at the airport, head to the Emirates bag drop counter. There, you can drop off your checked baggage and proceed to the security checkpoint with your boarding pass. This way, you save time by avoiding the check-in queue but still ensuring your luggage is properly processed for your flight.

Can I Change Or Select My Seat With Emirates Check-In Online? 

Yes, you can change or select your seat with Emirates online check-in. Here’s how:

  • Start by logging into your Emirates account or accessing your booking using your confirmation code, ticket number, and last name.
  • Once you’ve accessed your booking, navigate to the seat selection or change section.
  • Follow the prompts to view available seats and choose the one you prefer.
  • Confirm your selection and complete the check-in process.
  • Your updated seat assignment will be reflected on your boarding pass, which you can access electronically through the Emirates app or website.

By using an online web check in Emirates, you have the flexibility to manage your seat selection conveniently before your flight.

Other Emirates Check-In Options

Emirates Airport Check-In 

Airport check-in with Emirates is a simple process where you physically go to the airport counter to complete your check-in. Here, you provide your travel documents, receive your boarding pass, and drop off any checked baggage. It’s usually recommended to arrive at the airport a few hours before your flight to ensure a smooth check-in experience.

Tip – When traveling with Emirates, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Emirates baggage allowance policy to avoid any unexpected fees or issues at the airport.

Emirates Self-Service Kisko Check-In (Dubai Only) 

Emirates Self-Service Kiosk Check-In is a convenient option available for passengers flying from Dubai. At these kiosks, travelers can check in for their flights, select seats, print boarding passes, and even drop off checked baggage. It’s a quick and efficient way to complete the check-in process without having to wait in long queues at the airport counter.

Tip – When deciding between Premium Economy and Economy class for your next flight, it’s essential to understand the key differences to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. 

Emirates Home Check-in (Dubai Only)

The service is available for booking online up to 24 hours before the flight and can be booked between 24 hours and 8 hours before the scheduled departure time. The complimentary home check-in service must be booked at least 24 hours before the flight departure time, and the latest check-in time for the home service is six hours before the flight’s departure. This service is operated with a fleet of vans and complements other luggage handling services already available for Emirates flights in Dubai.

Tip – When travelling from the USA to India, it’s essential to be aware of the regulations regarding how much amount of gold you can carry to avoid any complications at customs. 


Using Emirates’ online check-in service can save you time and make your travel experience smoother. By checking in online, you can choose your seat in advance and avoid long lines at the airport. It’s a convenient option that helps you start your journey stress-free. So next time you fly with Emirates, remember to check in online for a hassle-free experience!

Other Airlines’ Check-In Policies

We have a list of popular airlines that you might want to know the check-in policy of – 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I change my seat after online check in Emirates? 

A: Yes, it is possible to change the seat after Emirates online check-in. The process of changing seats after an online check in Emirates Airlines can be done through the managed booking portal or the Emirates app. A fee may apply depending on the fare type, but not for higher-tier bookings. Passengers can also call Emirates customer support. 

Q: How to use Emirates flight online check in? 

A: The Emirates Airline check in online process can be initiated by logging on to the official Emirates website and locating the web check-in page. Passengers can also search for the Emirates online check-in page on Google. To initiate the web check-in, passengers need to enter the passenger surname and booking reference or PNR as on the e-ticket.

Q: What are the benefits of online check in Emirates? 

A: The benefits of Emirates web check in online are saving time and reducing waiting time at the airport. By checking in online, passengers can avoid long queues at the airport and can save time before their flight. 

Q: How to download Emirates check in online boarding pass? 

A: You can check in online and download your boarding pass, or you can download it through the Emirates Airlines online check in app. Additionally, you can also download your boarding pass to your phone or wallet app. Once you have checked in online, the boarding pass will be sent to your email address or through an SMS, and you can then download it

Q: What Emirates can’t check in online? 

A: Typically Emirates Airline online check in does not allow online check-in for certain passengers or situations, such as unaccompanied minors, passengers requiring special assistance, those traveling with pets in the cabin, or those with certain types of tickets or visa requirements.

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