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McCarran International Airport (LAS Airport) is one of the most famous airports serving the Las Vegas Valley. According to Wikipedia, the Las Airport became operational in the year 1943 and as per the records of 2023, around 57.6 million passengers have passed through the Reid Airport. 

Las Vegas Airport Terminals 

The Las Vegas McCarran International Airport has two terminals – 

  • Las Vegas Airport Terminal 1 
  • Las Vegas Airport Terminal 3  

Since these terminals at the LAS airport location are not interconnected, it becomes important to understand which terminal you will be arriving at if you book a flight, like Chennai to USA flights for easy navigation. 

Let’s have a look at them in detail below. 

Terminal 1 Las Vegas ( LAS Airport)

The terminal 1 at McCarran Airport started its operation in the year 1963  and is the main domestic Vegas terminal operating from A, B, C, D and E gates. Further, his terminals have departures situated on an upper level with a food court, dining and security checkpoints. 


The A Gate Departure Situated right after passing through the A/B security checkpoint from McCarran Airport Terminal 1 
Has a total of 16 gates
The B Gate Departure Turn left down the long corridor after passing through the A/B security checkpoint from LAS Terminal 1 to reach the B gates.
Has a total of 17 gates 
The C Gate Departure If you are flying from C1 to C22, you can pass through the C/D security checkpoint and then take the green line. 
For gates C23 to C25, you simply need to pass through the C annex checkpoint and move towards the departure of LAS Vegas Airport Terminal. 
Has a total of 18 gates
The D Gate Departure It is the largest concourse at Terminal 1 Las Vegas Airport with a total of 44 gates. 
Domestic and international flights operate from D gate.
From the LAS Vegas airport tram, take the blue line from the D gate to the A, B, and C gates or the red line to the E gate. 

Terminal 3 Las Vegas (LAS Airport)


The McCarran Airport Terminal 3 was added in 2012, specially designed to receive international flights like Atlanta to India flights. It houses the E gates and handles all international travel. The arrivals of Las Vegas Terminal 3 are located on the lower level, along with the TSA’s new security checkpoint, the airport tram station, and the baggage claim carousels.

  • As per the Las Vegas Terminal 3 map, the departures are located on the upper level with a security checkpoint and ticketing desks through the departure of the E gate. 
  • There are a total of 14 gates in LAS Airport terminal 3 departure from E1 to E12, E13 and E14.
  • Most international airlines operate from E gates and to connect from E to D gates Las Vegas Airport, one can take the red line tram Las Vegas Airport or make use of the blue line to reach the other gate areas. 
  • Not to forget, there are many amazing Las Vegas airport terminal 3 restaurants you must try. In fact, there are more than 50 restaurants in the USA that serve delicious Indian food and you must give it a shot! 

Tip: LAS Vegas Airport Food Terminal 3 is a perfect treat for your taste buds. So, don’t forget to explore the best dining options at LAS Airport and have a perfect treat. 

Automated People Movers At LAS Vegas McCarran Airport 

The McCarran Airport tram is a very well-maintained one that facilitates movement within the airport via its Automated People Movers. 

Here’s some information regarding the layout of McCarran Airport people movers- 

Red LineAn underground line that connects LAS Terminal 3 to Concourse D. 
Blue LineRuns between LAS Vegas Terminal 1 and the satellite concourse D. 
Green Line Links Southwest Terminal LAS Vegas Airline ( Terminal 1 ) with C Gates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the most frequent route from McCarran Airport LAS Vegas?

A: The flights from Chicago are the most frequent routes for the airport.

Q: What terminal is Frontier in Las Vegas?

A: Frontier Terminal in Las Vegas is Terminal 3 which handles all the international flights.

Q: How many phones can I carry from Las Vegas Airport In the USA to India?

A: If you are carrying more than one phone from the USA to India, you might need to validate your possessions. The same rule applies to carrying the device on flights departing from LAS Vegas International Airport.

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