How Many Phones Can I Carry From USA To India? | Rules & Regulations

how many phones can i carry from usa to india

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Thinking of living without gadgets, especially mobile phones and laptops, seems impossible in the present world. And, when we talk about travel, carrying these gadgets becomes more important. However, when you plan to travel via a flight, carrying phones might not be that easy. 

Wondering, ‘How many phones can I carry from USA to India?’ Well, if you are on a flight from the USA to India, then there are some things you should know as to how many phones can you carry from USA to India. Skim through the piece now! 

Guide To Indian Custom’s Rules For Electronic Items

Before we proceed further, let’s look at the rules and regulations for carrying gadgets if you are having a flight to India, like that of Atlanta to India flights (and back) – 

  • If you are an Indian resident or are traveling to countries apart from Myanmar, Nepal, or Bhutan, you can bring articles of up to Rs. 50,000. However, if you are a tourist of foreign origin, you are allowed to carry belongings worth Rs.15,000
  • So, can we carry phone charger in flight? Well, Duty-free allowance items include items of personal use like mobiles, laptops, AirPods, headphones, travel adapters, power banks, portable chargers, etc.

How many phones can we carry from USA to India or when flying to India from anywhere in the world?

  • Usually, you are allowed to carry one personal mobile phone under a duty-free allowance. If you are carrying more than one or two mobile phones, you might need to declare it and pay customs duty. However, in any case, these gadgets are allowed for bona fide personal use and cannot be brought in commercial quantity. 
  • In the case of laptops, carrying one laptop is allowed under a duty-free allowance. However, for two or more, you need to declare it and pay customs duty. 

After having a glimpse of the Indian customs rules and regulations when traveling internationally with electronic items, let’s have a detailed look at your main doubt – How many mobiles can I carry from USA to India? 

How Many Phones Can You Carry From USA To India? 

In general, if you are carrying more than one mobile phone on a flight to India (like on USA to Delhi flights) you might have to validate your possessions and even pay customs duty for it. The amount of duty you are asked to pay depends on the type of device you are carrying.

The number of items you bring depends upon your usage and stay time. So, as long as you are adhering to all the rules and regulations and have paid your taxes, there should be no problem. 

Can I Carry Sealed iPhone From USA To India? 

If you are traveling to India, chances are high that your friends or family members will ask you to bring something for them, in most cases an iPhone. As a traveler, the question arises in your mind: Can I carry iPhone from USA to India? 

If you are thinking of carrying iPhone from USA to India, then carrying one sealed box of it might not be an issue. However, if you are carrying 3-4 devices, you might be asked to validate their possession and even pay a customs duty. 

Tip: You might be asked to remove certain things at the airport hence, plan your luggage accordingly! 

Hope, this answers your question as to how many phones we can carry from USA to India!

Are Cell Phones Allowed In Checked Baggage? 

Just like a carry-on is different from a personal item and checked baggage, so are the things you can pack in them.

If you are thinking, ‘Can we carry mobile phone in checked baggage?’,  then here’s something you need to know- 

  • As per the TSA rules, items having lithium batteries or spare uninstalled lithium ions must be carried in carry-on baggage only. So, are phones allowed in checked baggage? Well, as per the rules, you should take them in carry-on baggage.  
  • Also, as per the regulations of FAA, Portable electronic devices like laptops and smartphones having lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries must be carried in carry-on baggage so that the crew can respond to any emergency immediately if the need arises. 
  • In case you carry your electronic devices in checked baggage, make sure they are completely powered off and protected to prevent any kind of damage. 

Are Phone Chargers Allowed In Checked Baggage?

Since phone chargers contain lithium-ion batteries which are considered dangerous goods by IATA, you cannot pack them in checked luggage. However, you can always pack them in a carry-on. 

Hence, no matter how many phones you can carry from USA to India, in most cases, you’ll not be allowed to make them a part of your checked luggage. 

It is always advisable to contact your airlines if you have a good quantity of electronic devices as a part of your luggage before you reach the airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Carry 3 phones from USA to India?

A: Even though you might be allowed to carry 3 phones from the USA to India, you might have to show the receipts and validate their possession along with paying an extra customs duty for the same.

Q: Can you put a laptop in checked luggage?

A: Yes, you can put your laptop in a checked bag or pack it in a carry-on, whatever suits you the best. However, due to the presence of lithium batteries in them, we advise you to pack them in a carry-on to prevent any unwanted damage.

Q: How much cash can I carry to USA from India?

A: There is no maximum limit regarding carrying cash, money order, or travelers checks however, any amount exceeding USD 10,000 must be declared upon arrival on both Form 6059B and FinCEN 105.

Q: Are there any inflight entertainment options available in United Airlines?

A: Yes, United Airlines inflight entertainment options help you enjoy movie shows, music, TV shows, etc. at no extra cost. You can always connect your device like that of a laptop to United Airlines wifi and enjoy.

Q: Is flying with a guitar allowed on planes?

A: Yes, you are allowed to bring musical instruments like a guitar on your flight. However, due to some complications, you might have to store it in the cargo hold. Hence, always make sure to contact your airlines before you carry something like this.

And, that’s all from our side! 

We hope now you know everything about how many phone we can carry in flight and the rules associated with it! 

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