Are Traveling Hangers Allowed On A Flight? | What Is The Best Way To Pack Hangers?

Traveling Hangers Allowed On A Flight

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With the flight being a challenge, the next question is whether traveling hangers are allowed through the TSA security checkpoint with ease or not. So, if you are a passenger who’s planning to stay at your destination for long, is on his or her way to attend some important function that requires you to be dressed nicely, or if you are habitual of carrying your foldable hanger for clothes, then this one’s for you! 

Here we answer all your questions as to whether you are allowed to carry traveling hangers while flying or not and the best way to pack hangers on a flight. Have a look now! 

Can You Bring Hangers On A Plane? 

Yes, You are allowed to carry clothes hangers for travel

TSA has no problem with you carrying a foldable clothes hanger just like the other important travel essentials you’ll need for an untroubled flight. 

However, keeping in mind the famous TSA style of framing rules, this service also comes with certain rules and more precisely, instructions you need to follow if you plan to carry a foldable clothing hanger on your flight. 

Instructions To Follow 

  1. Make sure your hangers don’t look like a weapon to the security because then, there are chances it might be confiscated just like the other prohibited items for security reasons onboard.
  2. Try and avoid carrying heavy clothes hangers for travel like those made of heavy metal or wood as these might be perceived as a potential weapon. 
  3. Even though it’s unlikely for the security to ask for your flying hangers especially when going through the check, keep them accessible to avoid later hassles.

Note – While these are the most basic instructions you need to keep in mind, do make sure to check with your airlines before you pack suitcase hangers or think of carrying any other thing like a guitar on a plane as a part of your luggage.

Suggested Foldable Hanger For Clothes 

To ease your research, here are some suggested hangers for airplane – 

  • It’s best to carry plastic hangers instead of those made of heavy material like metal or sharp objects like that of wire. 
  • You can consider making use of a Trubetter folding clothes hanger travel set. It’s colorful, easy to carry, and perfect for flying with. Also, they are convertible as per your size requirement! 
  • You can also consider carrying plastic wall mounted foldable clothes hanger for easy travel. 
  • If durability is your top priority, then you can consider going for Hikeman Travel Hangers. However, since they are made of heavy metals we would advise you to discourage their use. 

Tip: Getting through airport security can be a difficult task. Hence, here’s a list of things to remove at airport security, to help you prepare better!  

Best Way To Pack Hangers

Here are some tips to help you pack your flight luggage hanger easily – 

Foldable Hanging Clothes Rack 

The best thing to invest is in getting a foldable clothes hanger rack. Not only do they help maximize space but also are very convenient for travel and usage shortly. 

Make use of stretchable rubber bands

All you have to do is take a rubberband and loop it around the hooks of the hangers. Make sure to stack them properly before you tie them with a rubber band. You can even use a zip tie or cable tie to hold them together. 

Make use of Hanger Boxes

One of the best ways to pack your hangers is to make use of foldable boxes. These boxes have built-in hanger bars that help you transfer your clothes directly from the closet to the box. 

Use a separate suitcase or compartment 

You can even consider using a separate suitcase or making a separate compartment for your hangers within your luggage. This would grant more space and safety to your travel items. 

Wrap it up

This one’s important. Don’t forget to add an additional layer of covering around your clothes hanger foldable luggage compartment. You can guard it via plastic wrap or bubble wrap to ensure it remains undamaged and intact. 

Tip: Just like your clothing hangers, it’s important to carry your travel adapters as well. Check out our list of the best travel adapters you can consider for your next flight.

Hanger Airplane Rules

If you are specially on an international flight, then here are some important rules you should know:- 

Rules For Flights In The USA 

If you are on a flight from the USA to India, like USA to Chennai flights then you can easily carry your hangers in hand or baggage. There’s no security restriction as such but avoid carrying metal hangers as they might be confiscated due to security concerns. In united wire hanger may also be considered a potential threat by some airlines and hence, may not be allowed to carry onboard. 

Rules For Flights In India 

If you are on a flight from India, like that of Delhi to Atlanta flights, then make sure you don’t carry metal hangers or foldable clothes hanging rack because it is strictly prohibited. Instead, you can opt for plastic or wood hangers for travel. 

Rules For Flights In Australia 

If you are on a flight from Australia (Melbourne to India Flights), hangers are usually allowed on cargo baggage however, the authorities always recommend carrying just plastic hangers to avoid any future hassles. 

Rules For Flights In Canada, UK & New Zealand 

Can you take hangers on a plane to Canada, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand? Well, even though there are no harsh rules regarding the same it is advised not to carry heavy or sharp material hangers like metal, wood, or wires for that matter as they can be perceived as a weapon by the security. 

Can You Take A Coat Hanger On The Plane? 

Well, till you meet the required baggage criteria and other rules mentioned by the airlines, you can always bring a coat hanger with you if you need it. Know about some airlines that provide you with a coat closet below.

Airlines Offering Coat Closets In United States 

  • Delta Airlines – If you are willing to have a coat closet with Delta Airlines, make sure to check the type of aircraft you are flying in because their service of coat closets depends upon the type of aircraft being used.
  • United Airlines – The coat closet of United Airlines is reserved only for all first-class passengers. Hence, if you don’t fit in this criteria, you might be denied a closet. 
  • American Airlines – Even though for American Airlines the priority for closets are items that don’t fit in the overhead bins, you can still get to use them for your garment bags if there’s any space left at the end.
  • Alaska Airlines – Much similar to Delta Airlines, the coat closet service of Alaska Airlines is influenced by the type of aircraft you are flying in. 

These closets come with certain restrictions so make sure you do all the necessary checks before taking the final decision. Once you do this, you are all set to pack for your flight! 

Note – Which travel toothbrush should you carry on a flight? Well, if questions like this pop up in your mind, then here’s our guide on the best travel toothbrushes you can definitely consider packing when planning to board a flight.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can you bring metal hangers on a plane?

A: If you are wondering as to whether can you take metal coat hangers on a plane, then the answer remains somewhat dicey. While with some airlines it’s absolutely fine to carry a metal hanger others like that of JetBlue don’t allow it. Hence, always check with your airlines before you make any decision. 

Q: Can you carry a suit on a plane? 

A: Yes, you can bring your suits on a plane and store them in overhead lockers or under your seat. 

Q: Are clothes hanger foldable and portable?

A: Yes, foldable hangers are easily available in the market. They are not only easy to carry but also take up less space in your luggage and hence, are perfect for travel.

Q: Can hangers be carried on a plane in checked luggage? 

A: Yes, hangers are acceptable as a part of your checked luggage. However, avoid using the ones made of heavy metal or sharp objects like wires. 

Q: Can you bring clothes hangers on a plane? 

A: Yes. There are no restrictions on carrying a clothes hanging rack foldable set or hangers with you when flying. However, do contact your airlines to make sure you carry things as per their rules and regulations. 

Q: Should we carry our cloth hanger in hand or as a part of checked luggage? 

A: Since you won’t need your traveling hangers during the flight (except for garment bags) it is advisable to include them in your checked luggage to ensure easy flight. 

Q: Is it expensive to fly from the USA to India?

A: Well, it is but not with MyTicketsToIndia as we strive harder to provide you with flight deals that won’t hurt your wallet. To help you a little bit more, here’s a list of the best budget airlines in USA that you can consider for extra savings. 

And that’s all from our side! 

Hope you got the answer to your question – Are hangers allowed on airplanes? If you have any further queries, do let us know in the comments below. Our team, at MyTicketsToIndia, will provide you with the best solution possible.


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