6 Best Universal Travel Adapters For Your Next Trip


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Are you tired of carrying a bunch of different adapters every time you travel? Well, what if we told you there’s a magical device that can solve all your charging woes? – A  universal travel adapter! This little gadget is amazing and capable of fitting into any power outlet worldwide. But, here’s the catch: It’s not just any ordinary adapter. It is packed with mind-blowing features that will leave you wondering how you ever travelled without it. Universal Travel Adapters are game changers from their sleek design to their compatibility with multiple plug types. 

Have an urge to get one? Keep reading to discover the 6 best universal adapters for travel. 

Top 6 Best Travel Universal Travel Plug Adapter 

Here’s an updated list of the top travel universal power adapter that will make your next trip smooth and hassle-free – 

  1. Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapter covers over 150 countries with built-in plugs this is the best universal travel plug adapter including the US, UK, UE, and AU. No matter where you’re headed, this adapter has got you covered. This has 4 USB ports and it is lightweight. It has surge protection, short circuit prevention, and built-in fuse protection to keep your devices safe from power fluctuations. Here are the top travel plug adapters offered by Epicka –

  • X232 Interchangeable Travel Adapter
  • TA-105C Universal Travel Adapter (10A)
  • TA-105C Universal Adapter for Travel
  • TA-105 Universal Adapter for Travel
  1. Bestek Universal Travel Adapter 

Bestek travel universal adapter covers many countries no matter where you go, ideal for charging a variety of devices when travelling. This adapter charges 7 devices simultaneously and has 4 USB charging ports with a combined 6A output plus 3 AC ports. It ensures complete protection for you and your devices. Comes with a 24-month warranty. Over-current, overload, over-heat, and short-circuit protection. Compact size (6x3x1.57 inches) with a 5-foot detachable power cable makes this power converter easy to pack and take anywhere you go. The top travel plug adapters offered by Bestek are – 

  • BESTEK 3000W International Travel Adapter with PD 3.0
  • BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter with USB C Charger
  • 2 USB Plug Adapter – BESTEK Pure Sine Wave Travel Adapter
  • 4 USP Plug Adapter – BESTEK Universal 100-220V to 110V Voltage Converter 250W
  1. Anker Universal Travel Adapter

Anker universal adapter for travel works in over 150 countries. A power bank that can deliver decent wattage. This has 4 USB ports and meets more equipment charging simultaneously. This charger is small in size, easy to use, user-friendly, and has a unique and sleek design. The construction of this adapter is solid and sturdy. It has surge protection, short circuit prevention, and built-in fuse protection to keep your devices safe from power fluctuations. The top travel plug adapters offered by Anker are – 

  • Anker Universal Adapter for Travel
  • Anker Universal Travel Adapter with 4 USB Ports
  • PowerExtend USB Plug
  • Anker 524 Power Strip
  1. Amazon Universal Travel Adapter 

Amazon universal travel adapter is a Dual USB adapter with an AC Socket and is the best travel accessory because of its lightweight, compact design. Compact extended plugs can be stored without taking up much space in the pockets of your bag. Made of a sturdy material that withstands heat and protects you from any heating issues when charging. It has 5V 3A Dual-USB output ports and AC 100-250Vac 50-60Hz input, it supports 15W charging. The top travel plug adapters offered by Amazon Basics are – 

  • Amazon Basics USB Adaptor with 1 Universal AC Socket and 2 USB Ports
  • Amazon Basics 2-Outlet Universal Adapter for Travel
  • Amazon Basics 3-Pack Travel Plug Adapter Type E/F
  1. Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter 

Kikkerland universal adapter for travel has worldwide compatibility. This is small and has a versatile design and its minimal weight is perfect for packing. Kikkerland travel adapter prevents short circuits and built-in fuse protection to keep your devices safe from power fluctuations. The top travel plug adapters offered by Kikkerland are – 

  • Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter
  • Kikkerland SKU UL08 Universal Adapter for Travel
  1. All In One Universal Adapter

An all-in-one universal adapter for travel covers the Power Outlet only. It does not convert electrical output current and voltage. This has built-in the latest self-resetting fuse. No need to change the fuse.Smart fast charging – 3 USB Ports(2.4A), 1 USB TYPE C(3A), and 1 AC Socket to charge 5 devices simultaneously with high speed. This All-in-one Travel Adapter Accepts Plugins from more than 200 countries. Here are the top brands offering all-in-one travel adapters – 

  • Global Star Link JY-305 Plus Universal Travel Adapter and Charger
  • Luggage Straps All in One Universal Adaptor with USB
  • Modern Aussies All-in-one Universal Travel Power Adapter

Tip for Travelers – Apart from carrying the best universal adapter travel, consider carrying a travel toothbrush with you on your next trip. 

Guidelines To Choose The Best Universal Adapters For Travel 

  • Make sure the adapter is compatible with the countries you’ll be visiting.
  • Ensure that the adapter can handle the voltage of the country you’re visiting and the power requirements of your devices.
  • If you have multiple devices to charge, consider an adapter with multiple USB ports.
  • Look for a compact and lightweight adapter that won’t take up much space in your luggage. 
  • Opt for an adapter with built-in safety features like surge protection and overload protection.
  • Choose an adapter from a reputable brand known for its quality and durability. You want an adapter that will last through your travels. 

Tip – If you want to connect AirPods or any other Bluetooth device on your flights, first know about the rules regarding ‘Can you use Bluetooth on a plane?’ and travel hassle-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a universal travel adapter work? 

A: A universal travel adapter works by providing a versatile solution for powering your electronic devices and appliances when traveling internationally. It typically features multiple plug configurations that can fit into various types of electrical outlets found in different countries.

Q: What is a universal travel adapter? 

A: A universal travel adapter is a device that allows travelers to connect their devices in different countries. It has multiple plug configurations that can fit into various types of electrical sockets in the world.

Q: Where to buy universal travel adapter?

A: Universal travel adapters are widely available for purchase both online and in physical stores. Here are some common places where you can buy them: online websites, travel stores, electronic stores, department stores, airport shops, etc.

Q: Which is the best universal travel adapter? 

A: The best universal travel adapter can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. However, some popular and highly recommended options include the Epicka universal adapter for travel, the Bestek universal travel plug adapter, the Anker universal power travel adapter, the Amazon Basics travel adapter universal, the Kikkerland universal adapter for travel, and more.

Also, consider carrying other travel essentials to survive a long-haul flight in a comfier way.

We hope you find this blog helpful. For more such informative pieces, keep returning. If you have any further queries, do let us know in the comments below. Our team, at MyTicketsToIndia, will provide you with the best solution at the earliest possible. 


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