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Air India Lost Baggage Claim & Tracking-Everything You Need To Know

Air India Lost Baggage Claim

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Air travel has now become very popular among people who want to travel in comfort and saves time. But, one of the worst things a passenger can face while traveling by air is misplacing or losing their luggage. Air India, one of the leading airlines in the world, truly cares for their passengers. Lost or delayed baggage is a rare situation with Air India, as per the records less than 1 percent of the total baggage handled by Air India is lost or delayed. Even if it happens, the airline makes every possible effort to find or return your lost belongings safely, and compensate you for the same. So, hereby learn about the Air India lost baggage claim and compensation policy in detail with us. We have covered almost everything you need to know for getting your compensation from the airline. 

How To File Claim For Air India Missing Baggage?

Once you realize that your luggage has not reached you, the very first step you need to take is to go to the Air India lost luggage desk at the airport and report for the same at the earliest possible. Here we have complied you some important steps you need to follow to get your baggage claim in different situations. 

Situation First – If Baggage Gets Delayed 

  • If your checked luggage does not arrive to you even after waiting for a few hours, the airline is responsible for locating your luggage. Air India baggage tracking system will identify the location of your bag, you just need to inform the airline about the same at the earliest possible. 
  • Contact their representatives at the Air India missing/delayed luggage counter at the airport and file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). They will file a report and a copy of the same with the reference number will be given to you for follow-up action. Keep this information safe for the future. 
  • While filing a complaint provide all the minor details about your luggage to them like the bag details (size, color, and material), local address, contact details, etc. So that they can easily reach you after finding your luggage. 
  • During the period of missing luggage, you can buy some necessary items to use and get the claim for the same from the airline, just remember to keep the original receipts and invoices of the purchased items. 
  • Try to stay in close communication with the lost baggage team of Air India during the process of finding a baggage location and even after filing your complaint for a claim. 

Situation Second – If Baggage Gets Lost

  • Air India will declare your luggage as lost if they don’t find it within 21 days from the date of PIR (Property Irregularity Report). 
  • Once the Air India lost/missing baggage team declares that your baggage is actually lost, then the airline is liable to compensate you for your lost baggage and its items to some specified limit. 
  • You can claim this compensation only after providing the complete details about your baggage like purchased invoices or any other proof.
  • If you don’t get any update on your missing luggage from the airline or if the airline refuses to consider a bag lost even after it has been missing for an unreasonable period of time, then the airline could be subject to enforcement action by the DOT and international treaties. 

Situation Third – If Baggage Gets Damaged 

  • Air India damaged baggage claim team is responsible for repairing or reimbursing a traveler for any kind of damage that happened to luggage or its contents while the bag is under the control of the airline during transportation. 
  • The airline is not liable for pre-existing damage to the baggage or if the damage is caused because of improper packing of luggage. 
  • To get a claim for any kind of damage to your bag you noticed after receiving your luggage, you need to contact the lost luggage claim team of Air India as soon as possible. 
  • You have to inform the airline within 7 days of receiving your luggage with complete or maximum details of your damaged luggage like photographs of the damaged items, original purchase invoices, etc. 
  • If the damage to the bag is not repairable, then Air India airline will compensate you according to the value of the bag and its depreciation. 
  • Air India is not responsible if some exceptional items get damaged such as electronic items, fragile items, perishable items, cash, etc.). All these exclusions are mentioned in the carriage contract of the airline. 
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Air India Baggage Tracking & Claim Status

Air India has an advanced baggage tracking system through which you can keep a track of your lost baggage.  The important information you need to check the status is a 10-character reference number (PIR number) which the airline has provided you while filing a claim report. Below-mentioned are the instructions you need to follow to track your baggage status on the official website of Air India – 

  • Firstly, you need to select the ‘Baggage’ tab from the menu on the official website of Air India.
  • After this, click on the ‘WorldTracer Baggage Tracing System’ option, then you’ll be directed to the Air India track baggage page. 
  • Here you’ll find the option of ‘Check your delayed baggage status here’, click on the same. 
  • Fill out the information like your last name and the 10-character file reference number you’ve received while filing a claim report. 
  • Then, click on the ‘submit’ button and you’ll get all the updates and status of your delayed/missing baggage like when your bag was loaded on the flight, when it was unloaded, and when it has reached the lost baggage claim counter. 
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Air India Lost Baggage Compensation

Contact the delayed/lost/damaged baggage claim counter as soon as you realize that your luggage is missing. You can easily find the Air India missing baggage desk near the luggage carousels at the airport. Inform the staff about the situation and file a report by providing complete or maximum details of your luggage. Always make sure that you ask for the compensation policy from the staff to know how the airline will compensate you and to what extent. Let’s know some facts about the Air India baggage claim status in the cases of delayed, lost, and damaged luggage.

Delayed Baggage: If you won’t receive your checked baggage within 24 hours on your international trip, inform the airline at the helpdesk as soon as possible. The airline will reimburse you with one-time interim expenses of around 60 USD. You can purchase the necessary items during this period and can get a claim for the same by showing the original purchase receipts. 

Lost Baggage: If the airline won’t be able to trace your delayed luggage within 21 days from the date of PIR, they will declare it as lost baggage. Then, the airline will start the compensation process as per the procedures and reimburse you. They will ask you to show the evidence like items description, any photographs, original purchase receipts, etc. 

Damaged Baggage: If you receive your luggage with some damages, contact the airline at the damage baggage claim counter at the airport and report the same before leaving the airport. They will examine your luggage to find damages and repair the same only if it’s on airline’s fault. If the damages are not repairable, then the airline will reimburse you with the amount to some specified limit. 

Contact Details Of Air India Baggage Claim Department

Still, finding issues in filing a claim report for lost baggage? Do not fret! Below we have mentioned the contact details of the Air India customer service. You can seel direct help by using an Air India baggage claim phone number.  

Phone Number  

Toll-Free Numbers: 1-888-634-1407; 1-800-223-7776

Chargeable Calls: +91-124-2641407; +91-20-26231407

Email Address 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Air India Lost Baggage Claim

Q: Can I claim compensation for the delayed/lost luggage from Air India?

A: Yes, you have the right to claim compensation from Air India if your baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged, but only if it’s the airline’s fault.  

Q: Which airline loses the most luggage? 

A: As per the report, Southwest loses or mishandled the most luggage. 

Q: What is a PIR number?

A: PIR (Property Irregularity Report) number is a reference or unique code of 10 letters/numbers that the airline provides you at the time of filing a report for delayed/lost/damaged baggage claim. It helps you to keep track of your luggage.  

Q: How long will Air India take to find my lost baggage?

A: After filing a claim report, the Air India airline will take around 21 days to find your lost luggage. If the airline won’t be able to find the same, they will inform you through the mail that your luggage is lost and suggest you file the compensation. 

Q: How can I track my missing luggage with Air India?

A: You can keep a track of your lost baggage through the WorlDTracer Tracking System on the official website of Air India. You just need to fill in your last name and 10-character file reference number. 

That is almost everything you must know about the Air India lost/damaged luggage compensation and claim policy. We hope you have found this post helpful. So, the next time Air India airline misplaced your luggage, do not panic and skim through this handy guide to know how to file a claim report for the same. If you still have any kind of query, do let us know and our team, at MyTicketsToIndia, will surely help you with everything. 

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