Everything About Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

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Spirit Airlines, the major budget airline, operates flights throughout 47 domestic destinations and 18 international destinations that include the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. However, add-ons like baggage, extra legroom, or seat assignment can cost you extra. Thus, learning about Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy will help you know the nitty-gritty of it all which in turn will help you save more on your flights.

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Passengers are allowed to carry a personal item that fits under the seat in front of them, entirely free of cost. The second carry-on item of baggage and the number of checked baggage are subject to applicable fees, however, they must not exceed 5 checked bags. This air carrier always charges passengers for checked baggage, however, the accurate fares per baggage depend on the flight route, the time of the year (peak season or off-season), and the ticket type. The Spirit check-in luggage size should not exceed 62 inches and the Spirit checked baggage weight limit must be up to 40 lbs.

Tip – Before your flight with Singapore Airlines, review the Singapore baggage allowance and understand the restrictions and limits. 

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy for Checked Infant Items

According to Spirit baggage policy, it approves baby items such as one travel stroller and one travel car seat per child free of charge. Spirit reserves the right to ask travelers to purchase a seat for a child below the age of two years. Parents must carry FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved child harness devices and child restraint systems. Parents can carry the baby on their lap if he/she is over seven days old and under two years of age.

Spirit Baggage Fees

Except for certain items, Spirit does not accept oversized and overweight baggage, and one has to pay excess Spirit baggage fees. To make sure that the baggage does not exceed the weight or size limit, a flyer must follow the Spirit Airlines baggage fee calculator. 

Excess Baggage WeightPenalty
41 – 50 pounds$30
51 – 70 pounds$55
71 – 100 pounds$100

If the luggage exceeds the given size, i.e., is more than 63 – 80 inches, then also the passenger must give a fine of $00. Luggage, irrespective of being checked or carry-on, that weighs more than 100 pounds is not accepted on Spirit. One can also avoid Spirit baggage fees by carrying their military documentation as they will be offered discounted airfares under the Spirit baggage allowance for military. 

Spirit Exceptional Items

Under Spirit luggage policy, passengers can bring the following special items on board or as checked luggage.

Bicycles: Spirit allows bicycles that are packed in a cardboard or a hard-cased container with their bike tires deflated. Oversized and overweight limits and charges are waived off. 

Golf Equipment: Spirit exempt passengers from oversize charges, however, if the golf equipment package is overweight then charges are applied. 

Musical Instruments: Spirit categorizes musical instruments as fragile items. It only accepts musical instruments as checked baggage if the item is appropriately packed in a container or a case. 

Ski and Snowboard Equipment: One item of the equipment (water or snow ski) will be counted as checked baggage. Spirit exempts oversize limits and charges are only applied if the luggage is greater than 62 inches. 

Surfing Equipment: According to Spirit, passengers can carry only one bag containing a maximum of two surfboards. Although the airline waives charges and limits for luggage being oversized, however, it charges for being overweight. 

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Packing Tips

  • Spirit recommends passengers write their information on two separate pieces of paper and pack one paper inside the bag and stick the other paper outside the bag as identification is necessary. 
  • Anything that one feels like would make the luggage heavier but would be an essential item that can be worn during the flight journey.
  • Passengers should only pack essentials such as laptops, smaller bags for cable wires, undergarments, etc and try not to overload their luggage.
  • Rather than the traditional method of folding clothes, one can roll the clothes tightly to make space. 

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy

According to the Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage policy, passengers can carry one personal item such as a purse, laptop bag, backpack, or a duty-free item. The personal item carried by the passenger must meet the size limitations which according to Spirit Airlines personal item size is 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm) which includes handles and wheels. 

Flyers can also carry larger carry-on baggage on board for a particular amount of charge. The Spirit Airlines carry-on luggage size is 22 x 18 x 10 inches (56 x 46 x 25 cm) with the inclusion of handles and wheels as well. The carry-on baggage must fit in the overhead bin and the personal item must fit under the seat in front of the passenger. If the carry-on baggage is overweight or oversized then the passenger is requested to purchase luggage as checked baggage.

Here is the table that provides an insight into Spirit Airlines baggage fees in accordance with when the carry-on baggage is purchased.

Purchase of Carry-On BaggageBaggage Fees
Before Online Web Check-In$47
During Online Web Check-In$47
At the Airport Ticket Counter$55
At the Airport Gate$65

The cost of the carry-on baggage fees is not a definite price but a standard price according to Spirit Airlines and can vary according to the three following factors:

  • The flight route opted by the passenger
  • The time of the year of the flight departure
  • The cabin class

Carry-On Allowance for Pets

Certain pets are allowed to be carried in the cabin, however, it is only accepted in domestic Spirit flights. The carrier for the pet must be such that the pet can comfortably fit and move around in it. The carry-on pet carrier size must not exceed 18 x 14 x 9 inches and must not weigh more than 40 lbs (18.14 kg). Spirit Airlines charges $110 per container. 

Carry-On Allowance for Musical Instruments

Passengers are allowed to bring musical instruments as a carry-on provided that the instrument does not exceed the standard Spirit carry-on baggage allowance. However, if it does, a flyer can bring the musical instrument on board as seat baggage. 

Spirit Airlines’ Prohibited Hand Baggage Items 

Certain items are considered dangerous to bring on board an air carrier. Most airlines including Spirit Airlines prohibit the entry of items such as ammunition, axes, guns, fireworks, or nail guns. Spirit requests passengers to adhere to Spirit luggage policy for safe and comfortable travel.

Spirit Carry On Baggage Packing Tips

If you have booked a Spirit Airlines flight ticket, you need to be careful about the weight and size of your baggage. To have a hassle-free airport experience, you must pack in an organized fashion. Here are a few tips provided by Spirit luggage policy to follow that can help your flight experience be as comfortable as possible.

  • Flyers avoiding Spirit extra baggage fee charges must use a luggage scale to stay within the weight limits. 
  • If the passenger is planning to live in hotel accommodation or a house, they must minimize packing toiletries that will be provided easily. 
  • The passenger can also replace liquid toiletries with solid such as soap bars and solid perfume.
  • Travelers must look for accommodation with laundry facilities to repeat their outfits. 
  • Save some space in your baggage for the return journey as well. If a passenger is planning to tour a destination or wishes to buy anything, they should keep these factors in mind.

Seat Baggage

If an item according to the passenger is fragile and cannot be stowed in an overhead bin or under the seat, then the flyer is required to purchase a seat beside them for the item of baggage. Conforming to Spirit baggage allowance, the passenger is requested to follow certain Spirit Airlines seat baggage policies:

  • The item of seat baggage must meet specified dimensions.
  • The item of seat baggage must be secured by the seatbelt.
  • The item of seat baggage must be purchased and reserved in advance.
  • Animals are not accepted as seat baggage.

Baggage Policy For Other Airlines

Know the airlines’ baggage policy for particular airlines here –


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can a flyer recover a Spirit Airlines baggage receipt?

Ans: One can retrieve their baggage receipt through the home page of Spirit Airlines (www. spirit.com). Click on ‘my trips’ and enter your details in the mentioned columns. The page that follows will help you in viewing and printing your receipt. 

Q. What if my baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged while traveling by Spirit Airlines?

Ans: If the Spirit Airlines checked baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged during travel then the passenger can submit a claim at www.spirit.com/bagclaim.

Q. What should I do if my Spirit checked baggage arrives with missing items?

Ans: One must report immediately to the authorities and passengers will receive a File ID within 21 days. 

Q. Is there any restriction of Spirit Airlines on how many checked items of baggage can a passenger bring?

Ans: For passengers flying internationally, one personal item is accepted and additional checked items of baggage are to be purchased. 

Q. Can a flyer on Spirit Airlines bring their wheelchair along?

Ans: Wheelchairs and other assistive devices are checked free of cost at the ticket counter or the airport gate. 

Q. Are Spirit passengers allowed to carry breast pumps or baby formula?

Ans: Baby items like breast pumps and baby formula are allowed on board free of cost. However, passengers must notify a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) representative while going through the security checkpoint. 

Q. Are Spirit Airlines’ travelers allowed to carry their medical devices onboard?

Spirit Airlines does not count medical devices as baggage and charges no additional cost for the same. However, passengers need to form the cabin crew about the same. 

This was all we had to share regarding Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy. Should you have any other concerns regarding baggage or booking a Spirit Airlines flight (or otherwise), MyTicketsToIndia is right here to help. 

We are a reliable and successful travel agency that offers flight booking services, exciting international flights to USA deals, detailed information about tourist destinations to visit, and guidelines for major airlines. Get in touch with us either by giving us a call @ 1-585-948-0222 or by joining the live chat for a seamless flight experience today! 

*While the information provided here is updated, MyTicketsToIndia stands unaccountable for any consequences arising or changes made by Spirit Airlines on an impromptu basis. 

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