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Navigating through an airport is never an easy task. Therefore, to help you a bit with the process, here’s our complete guide on MCO Airline Terminals for a better understanding. 

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Orlando International Airport | MCO Airport Orlando

The number 1 busiest airport in Florida, MCO International Airport as we famously call it Orlando MCO Airport, is the major international airport of Florida, United States. According to Wikipedia, Orlando USA Airport is the 13th busiest airport in the USA and the 29th busiest in the world by passenger traffic. Located 6 miles from the city centre, the Orlando Florida Airport came into operation in 1942. 

Orlando Airport Terminals

The MCO International Airport has three terminals that see around 40 million passengers every year. The MCO Terminal A and MCO Terminal B have 4 airside concourses each with MCO Airport Terminal C being 4 minutes away. 

Let’s have a look at the Orlando MCO Terminals in detail below – 


The North Terminal Complex

Orlando Airport Terminal A

The Orlando International Airport Terminal A includes the tramway systems connecting the main terminal’s northern portion to Airside 1 (Gates 1–29) and Airside 2 (Gates 100–129). It is further divided into three levels – 

Level 1 Ground transportation including buses, car rentals etc., lounge, lost and found baggage claim and packing (8A)
Level 2Carousels for bags (1-16),  transportation app pickup (Uber, Lyft, Wingz); Airport Orlando relieving area for service animals.
Level 3Currency exchange, information desk, restrooms, bars and Orlando Airport hotels. 

Concourse 1 of Terminal A caters to International Flights whereas Concourse 2 is all about Domestic Flights that operate there. 

Orlando Airport Terminal B 

Located on the southern part of the North Terminal Complex, Terminal B at MCO has tramway systems to Airside 3 (Gates 30-59), Airside 4 ( 70-99) and Orlando Airport Terminal C. There are three levels for this terminal as well – 

Level 1 Ground transportation, Orlando Airport car rentals etc., baggage storage and baggage claim ( 28B)
Level 2Carousels for bags (20-32),  transportation app pickup (Uber, Lyft, Wingz); relieving area for service animals and nursing home.
Level 3Currency exchange, information desk, VIP lounges and separate checkpoints for two different boarding gates. 

Concourse 3 deals with Domestic Flights whereas Concourse 4 is operated for International Flights. 

The South Terminal Complex

Orlando Airport Terminal C

Also known as the South Terminal Complex, The Orlando International Airport Terminal C is for international flights ( both US and non-US) and consists of gates 230-245. However, unlike other Orlando International Airport terminals, this one has four levels – 

Level 1 Ground transportation, shuttles, Orlando Airport lost and found office, nursing rooms 
Level 2Check-in counters of various airlines like Emirates check in and boarding gates 
Level 4Bridges leading to garage C, ground transportation, car rental companies, and the nursing room.
Level 6Baggage claims, cafeteria, MCO Airport terminals customs and immigration 

MCO Orlando International Airlines 

Many airlines are operating in MCO Terminals, including American Airlines in Terminal B, JetBlue Airlines in Terminal C and Virgin Atlantic in Terminal A. Our guide on Orlando Florida USA Airport International Airlines will be an aid in understanding what airlines operate from which all Orlando Airport Terminals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is MCO Terminal B Food In Orlando Airport?

A: There are many great dining options in the Airport for Orlando Terminal B like CHICK-FIL-A that you must try!

Q: Which flights operate from Terminal A Orlando Airport?

A: Concourse 1 of MCO Terminal A caters to International flights whereas Concourse 2 is all about Domestic Flights.

Q: How to book cheap first-class flights for Orlando Airport?

A: By following tips like booking in advance, opting for round trips and availing yourself of special discounts and deals like student discounts, you can get first class flights for affordable prices.

Q: How many terminals Orlando International Airport has?

A: The Orlando Florida MCO Airport has 3 terminals namely – Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C with the first two being in The North Terminal Complex and the latter one in The South Terminal Complex.

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