Guide To First Class Flights – Meaning, Prices & Best Deals For You

What Is First Class Flight Meaning

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If your questions sound something like – 

  • What is first class flight?
  • What is the cost of a first class flight?
  • What are some best first class flight deals?
  • How to book first class flights? 

Then you are definitely at the right place! 

To answer all your questions about first class flights, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you clear all the basics and bag the best first class flight deals! 

Let’s get started! 

What Is First Class Flight Meaning? 

First class flight refers to a travel class in aeroplanes that is considered more luxurious than any other seating like economy or premium economy. Being on a first class flight always offers a better experience like a reclining seat with extra legroom for passengers, free-of-cost baggage check-in, priority onboarding, superior drinks and much more.  

However, with these amenities comes the expensive cost for first class flight. No doubt, first class flights are the best option to go for, especially if you are on a long-haul flight like Delhi to Atlanta flights but keep in mind that first class flight prices are very high compared to other classes. 

Are First Class Flights Same As Business Class Flights? 

If you are confused between what’s the difference between first class flight tickets and business-class flights since both of them fall under the category of luxurious seating, here’s an explanation for you regarding Business Class flights vs First Class flights – 

Angled flight seats with greater legroom.1-2-1 configuration of seats with limited legroom.
There are few seats in one cabin ensuring full privacy. Partially segregated to give some privacy.
Five-star dining experience.Meals include light snacks and starters.
The cost for first class flight is six times the price of economy.Less costly compared to a first class flight but expensive as compared to economy or premium economy. 

Suggested Read: Wondering what’s the difference between premium economy vs economy flights? A one-line explanation would be – economy class is the most basic cabin class while premium economy is an affordable class lying between economy and business class. 

Pros Of First Class  – Are First Class Flights Worth It?

Well, considering that the best first class flight would cost you six times the cost of an economy, it’s obvious to think that even if whether you require them or not. 

Here are some benefits to help you decide – Is first class flight worth it or not?

  • Just like carrying travel items for an untroubled long flight is essential, similarly if you are having a long haul flight we would suggest you go by first class because the seats stretch out completely to form a cozy, flatbed and you have ample legroom to relax. 
  • First class flight specials include extra baggage allowance without paying additional fees. 
  • You even get access to exclusive lounges and specially designed menus by master chefs. 

What do you get on first class flights?

Along with special attention from the staff, if you book first class flights, you get access to private suites, and onboard amenities like noise-cancelling headphones, pillows and mattresses and other premium toiletries. 

Hence, you definitely get to enjoy a VIP treatment! 

How Much Is A Flight Class For? 

The next question that arises is how much are first class flights for and if at all you can get luxury first class flights at affordable prices. 

Well, honestly cost for luxury first class flights and first class flights prices in general, are high as compared to other classes. Hence, unless you have got hold of nice first class flight deals, getting low costs first class flights seems unlikely. 

However, if you are planning to fly with MyTicketsToIndia, we assure you that we have affordable first class flights waiting for you that will help you fly on a budget. 

First Class International Flights Cost – 

  • On average, first class flight cost somewhere between $8000 to $19000. If you are planning to buy a first class fight ticket, expect higher prices.
  • If you are looking for a defined answer to your question – “How much does a first class flight cost, then, do keep in mind that your prices can vary as per your destination, airline and type of trip. 
  • How to book cheap first class flights at affordable rates? One way is to book round trips. If you are confused between round trip vs one-way flights, let us tell you that round trip first class plane flight are much more affordable than one-way flights. 

Airlines With Best First Class International Flights- 

Here are some airlines and their best first class flights options to help you decide better! 

1. American Airlines First Class Flights 

The first class flight seats of American Airlines offer you a special fine dining area, priority check-in and access to International First Class Lounges and Admiral Clubs that are worth exploring. 

Known by the name of Flagship First Cass,  the Flagship ticket of first class flights American Airlines is equipped with lie-flat seats, multi-course meals and amenity kits. 

Do all flights have first class?

No, only two aircraft namely – Boeing 777-300 ER and Airbus A321 Transcon (A321T) have both business and first class flight seats. 

What is First Class Flight like in American Airlines? 

  • Lie-flat seats: You get access to a Flagship suite seat on a Boeing 777-300ER that is fully lie flat hence, ensuring you have a comfortable flight. 
  • Entertainment Options: You get access to free movies, TV shows, music and games. Paid wi-fi facilities are also available. 
  • Amenities: Get pampered with travel essentials from leading brands like Shinola. From slippers to blankets, all your needs are taken care of by the staff. 

How Much Is First Class Flight With American Airlines? 

First class flights cost start from $1,170 (round trip)  and can vary as per your destination. If you are a student and looking forward to booking cheap first class flight tickets, then consider availing American Airlines Student Discount if they are available on your international flights. 

Can I upgrade my American Airlines flight to first class?

Yes, you’re allowed to upgrade your flight class after the initial ticket purchase as well. You can even do so by paying with miles or avail the benefits of being an elite member. 

2. First Class Flight United Airlines

The United first class flights are a next-level experience! 

What Do You Get On A First Class Flight?

  1. Premier Access: If you are flying first class with United Airlines, you get Premier Access which means you get priority at security lines and check-in counters. This can save a lot of time and effort. 
  2. First Class Flight Seats: A bigger seat with a power plug, six-way adjustable headrest and extra tray table space is all that you need for a comfortable flight! 
  3. Baggage Allowance:  As per United Airlines baggage policy, economy and premium economy members have to pay extra for additional baggage but, your most expensive first class flight cabin allows you to take additional baggage without paying any fees. 
  4. Food & Drink: Free alcoholic drinks are available if you fly for less than 300 miles. For flights between 300-900 miles, you get to select between sweet and savoury snacks along with free drinks. If you are flying for more than 900 miles, you even get desserts added to your meal.  For flights over 1500 miles, you get a combination of dessert, pre-arrival snacks, free alcoholic drinks, mixed nuts and much more.

How To Book First Class Flights With United Airlines? 

Paying cash for United First tickets offers the convenience of securing premium seats at the time of booking but at a higher cost compared to economy fares. Alternatively, United MileagePlus miles provide the option for award travel and upgrades, with first class awards typically demanding more miles than the economy. 

Can I update my flight to first class? 

If you’ve already booked an economy seat but desire an upgrade to United First, that too-cheap flights first class, utilizing miles for the upgrade might be an option worth exploring if you want the good value of your miles.

3. Emirates First Class Flights

How much is a first class flight on Emirates?

Emirates first class flight cost can go as high as AED 36,700 (USD 10,000) even for one-way flights. 

First Class Emirates Flight – 


Available on selected routes, flying with first class allows you to enjoy a private suite with ambient lighting and private cinema. Not only this, your booked seat can be easily converted into a fully flat bed allowing you to get a nice sleep. The specially curated menu and personal dining that includes gourmets, full meals and snacks further add to the experience. The shower facilities and amenity kits 

Boeing 777

Available on selected routes, the Emirates Flights first class cabin for Boeing 777 feels no less than a personal hotel room. From personal dining services to services like temperature control and personal dining, all of them help create a lovely flight experience. Also, don’t forget to pamper yourself with Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc (white tea fragrance) and a stunning private cinema! 

Emirates First Class Baggage Allowance

First class passengers are allowed to bring two pieces of carry-on luggage: a briefcase and one handbag or garment bag, depending on the size and weight restrictions.

Case size: 45 x 35 x 20 cm; 18 x 14 x 8 in.
Handbag dimensions: 55 x 38 x 20 cm / 22 x 15 x 8 in.
Clothes bag:folded, 20 cm (8 inches) thick

As per Emirates Baggage Allowance Policy, each piece’s weight cannot exceed 7 kg (15 pounds). In addition to the above items, duty-free purchases of perfume, cigarettes, and liquor in reasonable amounts are also allowed; however, new liquid limits now apply to these transactions. The amount of free baggage allowance depends on the overall weight or the number of pieces of luggage you bring. 

4. First Class Flight Delta Airlines

Ensuring you have a first-class journey, Delta first class flights have spacious seats that provide 8 inches more legroom than other cabins and a 5.4-inch recline. Not only this, a dedicated flight attendant, Delta in-flight wifi services and amenities like complimentary earbuds help you make the most of your first class flight experience. 

First Class Flight Delta Airlines vs Delta One 

In most of the airlines, first-class cabins are the limelight of the show but that’s not the case with Delta Airlines. Along with Delta Flights first class cabins, Delta One is also a part of the premium cabins of the airline. 

Delta One gives you access to sky priority services along with the ability to change or cancel your flight tickets originating from the US, Canada and Europe without paying any extra fees. Instead, you can earn miles on non-award travel as a SkyMiles member. 

Sounds interesting right? 

However, just like you don’t have the option of booking first class cheap flights, these tickets are also of the same category. 

5. Air India First Class Flights

Representing true luxury, Air India has 1800, 180 degrees recline chairs, lovely interiors and silky carpets that make the cabin look no less than a palace! They also have an on-board shop named – Sky Bazaar from where you can purchase aesthetic, branded items of your choice. 

Further, delicious dining choices and liquor help increase your flight experience. You can even get your meals customised from a pre-designed menu on routes like that of USA, UK and South East Asia. As Air India refreshes in-flight menu for international flights, it would be really fun to try the options you are offered as a first-class passenger! 

Tip: As mentioned earlier, Air India epitomizes luxury, with amenities such as Ferragamo kits and Tumi exclusives adding to the better luxury travel experience. Explore and Enjoy endlessly! 

Tips To Book Cheapest First Class Flights – 

Wondering, how to get cheap first class flights booked? 

Here are some tips for you to bag cheap first class flights to anywhere – 

  1. Booking last minute first class flights is always expensive. Hence, we recommend you be flexible with your dates so you have a few buffer days left to get the best deals. 
  2. If you are travelling to India, the cheapest month to book your tickets is February because of lowered flight rates. Hence, booking during such off seasons can help you get cheapest first class flight. 
  3. Make the best use of your 24-hour refund policy! Considering that you can receive a complete refund if prices decrease and that you will benefit if prices increase, this is a rather significant trick to bag a cheap first class flight.
  4. In general, you can make use of Google Flights Explore Maps to find the best available options for the cheapest first class international flights. 
  5. One more tip is to use Incognito while you book your flights. The browser stores data of your previous flight bookings which leads to higher prices for the next time. Hence, first class flight cheap tickets can be searched for in Incognito which disables cookie storage thus giving you the best results and helping you book the cheapest first class flight available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who has the best first class flights?

A:   As per our observations, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Cathay Pacific are the top three renowned airlines for first class flights.

Q: Is first class worth it on 2 hour flight?

A: Keeping in mind the high cost of first-class flights, we would suggest you go for them only in case of long-haul flights. However, if first class is what suits you the best and fits your budget just right, go for it! 

Q: What to wear on first class flight?

A: No matter in which class you are flying, we would recommend you to fit clothes that are breezy and comfortable so that you don’t feel trapped during your flight hours. However, if your destination demands a specific outfit, you can plan accordingly. 

Q: How to find cheap first class flights?

A: The tips shared above like booking in advance and making the best use of your return policies will help you understand how to find first class flight deals. So, skim through them now! 

Q: Are Etihad first class flights worth it?

A: Absolutely. Flying first class with Etihad Airlines is a lifetime experience keeping in mind their exquisite lounge, delicious dining options and other wonderful amenities.

And with this, our guide comes to an end! 

Hope, you got answer to all your questions related to the most amazing first class flights! 

Are you looking for strategies to cut costs on flights in preparation for a vacation to the US? 

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